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Ideal machine for chopping green onions, coriander and vegetables in general.

The machine has an infeed belt of 7 cm x 7 cm and its infeed speed is adjustable to define the thickness or quality of the chopped or cut vegetables.

Compact machine, with dimensions of: 50 cm long by 35 cm wide by 55 cm high. It can be placed on a work table thanks to its compact dimensions.

It only requires 220v (110v*) electric power to operate.

Blade coupling system easy to remove for cleaning.

Belt advancement system with independent motor and speed variator.

Independent motor for cutting blades.

Production guards for safe operation.

Made of stainless steel and food grade plastics.

1 year warranty


Ingeneumática S.A.S. Is a company dedicated to design, develop, produce and commercialize compressed air networks, as well as industrial automation; representing an integral solution in pneumatic systems through innovation for all types of industries, satisfying our customers with timely services and contributing in parallel to the development of all those who are part of it.


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