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In INGENEUMÁTICA the search for excellence takes us every day to prepare ourselves more in the subject of compressed air, to get closer to the standards and advantages in the use of this fluid.

INGENEUMÁTICA has a consulting and design service for pneumatic networks, so that each company has the best design according to its needs.

To perform such design, INGENEUMÁTICA carries out a thorough study of all the consumption points of the plant, in order to determine the pipe diameter needed to have the minimum pressure drop from the point of generation to the point of service and that the flow maintains the ideal speed according to the design so that the pipe route is optimal for the plant.

The consumptions in the production plants give us the basis for the optimal choice of maintenance units, filters, lubricators and regulators for each machine or section, this guarantees minimum loss of compressed air due to leaks and minimum amount of water in the network.

All this is directly related to the economic performance of the compressed air installation and the energy consumption of compressors and dryers. Pneumatic energy costs a lot of money; air exists all over the world, but compressing and transporting it efficiently costs a lot.

To obtain an optimal result, it is first compressed with equipment that has great value, then it is transported through pipes that do not contaminate it and finally it must be well used under certain parameters.




Ingeneumática S.A.S. Is a company dedicated to design, develop, produce and commercialize compressed air networks, as well as industrial automation; representing an integral solution in pneumatic systems through innovation for all types of industries, satisfying our customers with timely services and contributing in parallel to the development of all those who are part of it.


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